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Get to know the flexible, robust mobile billboard for temporary outdoor advertising and signage: The trotter

The Trotter is an innovative, state-of-the-art mobile billboard that’s made for exceptional outdoor signage and advertising. At 15 feet high, with an eye-catching illuminated display and robust ‘no-fuss’ construction, this high-impact signage solution cuts through with any audience.

The Trotter is an elegant temporary solution for today's marketing landscape. The Trotter is fully safety certified and fully weather-proof. It can be put in place and/or removed within approx. 20 minutes and requires just 5 square metres space for installation.


innovative temporary advertising

The perfect temporary outdoor marketing solution

The Trotter is double-sided printed, can be changed in minutes, the height is adjustable and levels can be changed in minutes. It can be hired and placed for short-term (from 24 hrs) or for longer term deployment (a year plus). The trotter is a high impact signage and advertising solution. Want to bring your outdoor signage to a new level?
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