The technical lifespan of a Trotter billboard exceeds well over 10 years, even when exposed to the inconsistent British weather. This is vitally important to us and something we strived hard to create when designing the billboards, as we are keen to contribute towards a circular economy. We also have a particular goal over the next 5 years to further minimize our ecological footprint.

This is exactly why we designed, created and produced the Trotter in house. The first temporary sign of this stature in the world which can be rented both short term and long term.

For all our print we use PVC-free material (unless a client prefers otherwise) to further protect the environment, paving the way for meeting zero plastic targets while matching the vitality, quality and appearance of traditional banner materials.

It can be placed within 15 minutes on almost any surface, minimising installation time and therefore exhaust gases. Also the same billboards can be used by different clients time and again, without leaving any waste or footprint behind.

A quick summary on the Trotter

The billboard consists of high-grade recyclable aluminium and rigid plastic. This is lightweight, which leads to a lower CO2 emission during production and transport.
These materials are also extremely strong, which helps to keep maintenance and damage to an absolute minimum, further prolonging its lifespan.
Both aluminium and plastic are easy to recycle which enables us to produce new products and build new Trotters.
We provide all our clients with the option to use a “green” PVC free material to print the skins on.
Regardless of which material we use to print the visuals on, we make sure we (or our contracting partners) dispose of or recycle them as described in our Environmental & Sustainability Policy.
Did you know you can load up to 20 Trotters onto one HIAB? This means transport across the country is minimal and efficient!

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Download the Sales Presentation

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