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City marketing is something that started for Trotter UK when we worked on the World Snooker Championships in Sheffield. We now employ 5 Trotters every year for this event (for 1 month) and were subsequently given a 5 year contract to advertise for 75 days of the year, any other major events in the city. This has allowed us to work with other large scale events in Sheffield. This is something that has now expanded into other cities around the UK.

Trotter temporary signage – Any audience, any time, any place

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The Trotter is an elegant temporary solution that assists with sales and marketing in today’s landscape. It is fully safety certified and fully weather-proof. It can be put in place and/or removed within approx. 20 minutes and requires just 5 square metres space for installation.

The Trotter has double-sided prints which can be changed in minutes, the height is adjustable and levels can be adapted in a very short space of time to suit all different terrains. The billboard can be hired and placed for short or longer term deployment. If you want to bring your outdoor signage to a new level, then the Trotter will certainly do this for you!

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